To all current EUBC members,

So this year is coming to an end, you have voted in your new committee and we have lots of great ideas in store for you. However before I begin I would like to thank the committee from this year on another great year for the club and I am thoroughly looking forward to making this club better than it already is.

To begin with, all these ideas we have we are going to need a little bit of help. For next year we are planning to put together a subcommittee. This is open to anyone who wants to be involved more with the club. Within this committee you can take on whatever roles you like and you will be overlooked by someone on the main committee. So for example if you are interested in the publicity of the badminton club and want to help out you would be assisting the publicity officer in their tasks. However being on the subcommittee you are not designated to one thing. If you fancy helping out for something else in the badminton club then you are welcome to as well. So if you want to help out with publicity, Social events, club sessions, kit, tournament arrangements, teams or anything else then get in contact with either myself or Wilgene.

In addition over the summer we will be running testing for a ranking system that we are looking to eventually bring into the club. So if you are in Edinburgh over the summer and want to play some badminton we are going to be running a weekly badminton session where we will be testing the ranking system so if you want to be involved with that then please let Wilgene know. Also if you want to help out next year with the ranking system then also let him know.

Finally our main aim for the upcoming year is to get more people involved with the running of the club and we believe this is the best way to make our club even better. With this we also want your views and ideas about the club. With this you are welcome to contact me with any ideas you want to run by me or anything you feel needs to be changed within the club to make it even better.

That is all from me now but I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas and getting more people on board.

Best of luck to everyone with exams, deadlines etc.

Jonathan Fyfe


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