Lothian League

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The Lothian League is run by the Lothian Badminton Group and has three men’s doubles divisions, two women’s doubles divisions and two mixed doubles divisions. Clubs from all over Edinburgh compete within the league on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Meadowbank Stadium. There are three doubles pairs in a team who play two games against the oppositions pairs for a total of 18 games. They also run a yearly tournament that club members can enter.

The Edinburgh University Badminton Club enters a number of teams each year and has had a lot success. Our first teams regularly win the top divisions and our other teams are advancing through the lower divisions. We are continually looking to increase the number of teams we enter to meet demand. While the teams are full for this year, if you want information for next year, contact our team captains and make sure to attend team trials.

For 2013/14 we have: Six men’s teams, four women’s teams and three mixed teams.

Men’s 1st division 1st and 2nd Men’s teams
Men’s 3rd division 3rd and 4th Men’s team
Women’s 1st division 1st and 2nd Women’s team
Women’s 2nd division TBC
Mixed 1st division 1st and 2nd Mixed teams
Mixed 2nd division 3rd Mixed team