EDex Badminton

Over the month of March, EUBC have been proudly working alongside the Sports Union to deliver a coaching programme as part of the EDex initiative. Our Club Captain, Tommy Reynolds, organised and developed a four week plan which covered all the basics of badminton, including techniques such as grips, overhead Read more…

Sunday Match Reports – Charlie Squad on the scene

Charlie Squad

Welcome folks to the Sunday Match Report. As the year progresses there will be more and more badminton games from our various teams EUBC 1 through 6, sometimes with more than one match a week. With this in mind I will be collating all results from each week in a report on Sundays. This week’s line-up:

Lothian League: EUBC Men’s 1st vs. EUBC Men’s 2nd. EUBC Men’s 3rd vs. Livingston.

BUCS League: EUBC 2nd vs. Robert Gordon 1stEUBC 3rd v.s Aberdeen 2nd. (more…)