The Badminton Scotland University and College Tournament is a big event in the life of every badminton player across the globe, full of serious names and faces. It is always seen to contain the highlights of the badminton scene, cherry picking the best-of-the-best and throwing them against each other in a cataclysmic duel for supremacy.

Included among the line up of titans were newcomers like Katherine “Let’s-Get-Ready-To” Rumble and Finlay “The King in the North” Stark battling alongside old hands of the likes of Paul “Stalinator” Stanley, Joanna “Commander” Shepard, Our Glorious Leader himself and Charlotte… *cough*

I joke of course. The Stirling Tournament is a yearly event for players of all levels and affiliations and is usually a fun day full of badminton for anyone who can swing a racquet. The website itself puts it rather grandly as: “social-cum-competitive basis with the emphasis on fun, giving students the chance to compete at a competitive level but in a fun and friendly environment”. Wait… Social WHAT now?

It was also held way back on Sunday the 3rd of last month (November in case anyone is reading this from the future – in which case GOOD LUCK WITH MAY EXAMS) and so it might be evident that I am a little behind the times and the news. However, I am attempting to play catch up as I procrastinate for my exams and figured that this was a post that was both overdue and actually deserved to be on the website (yes Greg, no Greg, three bags full Greg).

Well, much fun was indeed had. And, as far as I understand, they actually played some badminton too. With players from as far afield as Glasgow, Napier and Stirling Universities (I did say major titans of badminton). There were three events which each had “round robin” knock-out stages followed by finals. The Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles. And we did quite well actually.

Congratulations are, well past, due to:

Wilgene Tan for winning the Men’s Singles (Wilgene “Ti-” Tan) and Tommy Reynolds partnered with Kelly Sands for winning the Mixed Doubles.

An extra mention is also due to Wilgene and Marion Delaunay for coming 2nd in the Mixed Doubles.

Some say that they can switch the light off and get into bed before the room turns dark.

Some say that they can switch the light off and get into bed before the room turns dark.

Honourable mentions are also due to Evan Thomas, David Holmes, Greg Broadbent, Jennifer Sim, Annie Yang with David Holmes, Chris Johnson with Charlotte Atkin and Kaiping Lin with Stina Viljus who all got past the round robin stages and made it into the final tournament. Heroes all.

For the full results you can check out this link to Tournament Software which shows not only scores but the progression of each event. Good times.

Further good times were also had, and I would be amiss if I did not mention it, at the social which followed the Tournament which involved a handful of shteam (one might even say a BOUNTY of it) along with some excellent costumes and chat.

I mean, look at those crazy faces! And my… Who is that incredibly attractive specimen dressed as Bane down there?