SSS Regional Competition 2012: Event One

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On the 14th of October we headed down to Napier Sighthill to take part in the first stage of the SSS Regional Competition.

Our teams were:


Men’s Singles James Bridson
Women’s Singles Aisha Kerr
Men’s Doubles Wei Ong
Wilgene Tan
Women’s Doubles Bennath Mitchell
Fiona Pittman
Mixed Doubles Kai Lin
Caroline Collinson


Men’s Singles Stuart Pittman
Women’s Singles Kathryn Wilson
Men’s Doubles Tom Balson
Simon Wood
Women’s Doubles Emma Sherry
Charlotte Atkin
Mixed Doubles Greg Broadbent
Joanna Shepherd


Men’s Singles George Hunt
Women’s Singles Rocio Osuna
Men’s Doubles Ralph Cheng
Azim Daud
Women’s Doubles Beth Mackenzie
Tata Santaputra
Mixed Doubles Chris Johnson
Lizzie Parker


EUBC1 and EUBC3 were in the same pool and overcame a good team from Telford who had some good players. EUBC2 powered through their pool against Heriot-Watt, Napier and Stephenson’s College.

This left EUBC1 and EUBC2 battling it out for first and second place while EUBC3 beat Heriot-Watt in a close game to come third. As expected EUBC1 destroyed EUBC2 to prove their top place in the EUBC pecking order.


EUBC1 – First

EUBC2 – Second

EUBC3 – Third

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EUBC1 vs 2 mixed doubles Here, here and here
EUBC1 vs 2 men’s doubles Here
EUBC1 vs 2 women’s doubles Here