Pub Badminton 2012

The first official of the year got off to a great start when we met in Vodka Revolution dressed in badminton gear. After a few drinks we got into teams of three and the pub crawl got under way.

Some of the notable events of the evening were:

Joanna after trying to down a pint. For the new social secretary this is a bit of a disappointing attempt.
Pyramid for team Joanna. Team Lucy almost managed it but didn’t quite get there in the end. As one of the random challenges, each team had to create a human pyramid in the middle of Grassmarket. Great fun!
Kiss a stranger winner: Megan. Clearly shows she’s deserving of her nickname, Wild Child! Kiss a stranger was another one of the random challenges on the night out.
Compulsory end of night Hive visit. How can anyone resist when Gangnam Style is guaranteed to come on.


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