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Just a brief heads up folks! This Saturday we will be meeting up for our first proper Badminton Club social. While our Tuesday drinking sessions and, occasional, subsequent nights out are considered to be socials by many of us, it is these major events organised by our Social Secretaries which are the real deal!

The Badminton Pub Marathon will start at 8:00pm at Vodka Rev where we will be hanging out for a while to allow any latecomers to join in. From there we will be crawling our way through a number of different bars and pubs drinking at each until we eventually reach our finish line at the Hive. The rules are simple: come in sport/badminton gear, get your booze on and keep up if you can!

As I say this will be our first official social and so we are expecting a big turnout and are hoping for full commitment from any and all comers. As usual everyone is welcome and we hope that as many of you can make it as possible.

Many laughs will occur. Many shenanigans will be observed. Much shteam shteam will be had. And much struggling will happen on the following morning (all aboard the Strugglebus!).


For the event page, click here!

Also, we hope that as many of you as possible will participate in our brand new Shot Stick Challenge!

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