On the 28th, 29th and 30th of November there is a Lothian League tournament open to every member of a club in the Lothian League (So all of us at EUBC). The size of the tournament has been quite varied in past and often has had too few entries to have a women’s singles category. I’d love to change that and have a huge group of EUBC’ers enter to support the sport.

There will be a huge range of stardards entering. I expect there will be players from all of the three lothian league divisions. As a measure of standard, our second mens team is a top second division team so theres plenty of scope for newer players who didn’t quite make the team. All categories are avaliable: Mens and womens doubles, mixed doubles and mens and womens singles. Its £10 per person per entry but you’ll be guaranteed a good number of games.

If your interesting in entering, need to find a partner or just want more infomation I (Greg) will be at the badminton club sessions with entry forms answering any questions.

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