Apparently some badminton was played this year. Apparently it was part of something called the “Lothian League”. No, I’ve not heard of it before either! Anyway, as the conscientious and intelligent person I am I am going to provide you with the results of said badminton instead of revising for my impending exams. If that doesn’t say commitment, well it certainly says “procrastination”. The games were all played at Meadowbank across the course of the year and the results were as follows:

Men’s Divisions

The men’s 1st Team (who are missing out on an opportunity by not calling themselves “Alpha Squad”) came 3rd out of 7 teams in Division 1.

The men’s 2nd Team came 5th out of the 7 teams in Division 1.

The men’s 3rd Team came 1st in Division 3 and will be promoted to Division 2. In fact, in the words of Our Glorious Leader, the 3rd Team won the Division “by a long way”. Good work lads!

The men’s 4th Team, for which I believe I played a few matches (OO-RAH!), came 3rd in Division 3. So I guess we have to step up our game!

Women’s Divisions

The women’s 1st Team won Division 1. I guess, in reality, these guys should be Alpha Squad.

The women’s 2nd Team won Division 2 and will be promoted to Divison 1. Outstanding!

Mixed Divisions

The mixed 1st Team came 2nd in Division 1. Top spot next years chaps?

The mixed 2nd Team came 1st in Division 2 and will be promoted to Division 1 next year. Another bit of top notch work.

The mixed 3rd Team came 4th in Division 2.

Interesting Details

The men’s 3rd Team only lost 8 of 72 games! A K:D ratio anyone would be proud of… In ANY game I care to mention!

The women’s 1st Team only lost 16 of 61 games, clearly letting the side down…

The women’s 2nd Team apparently came top of Division 2 by ONE game, winning 54 and losing 18 compared to the team in 2nd place which won 53 and lost 19. Doesn’t get any closer than that…


All in all I think we can conclude that EUBC did pretty bloody well at the Lothian League! Let’s hope that we continue to do well and in fact improve from now on.

I’m sure, for example, Stewart’s new method of arriving to games with the men’s 1st Team will guarantee them 1st Place in their division next year!

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