On the 4th of February we had 3 men’s teams playing.

The EUBC1 played against Nomads and won 15-3. EUBC2 team played against North Morningside 2 and won 12-6.

EUBC4 played DCL in their first game ever! Despite being 9-8 up during the last game Neil and Andrew couldn’t take the second game so it ended up a draw.


On the 6th EUBC1 and EUBC2 played mixed against Western and Nomads 2. EUBC1 won 10-8 in a close game. EUBC2 had an easier time and won 12-6.

While EUBC1 have still got one game left, EUBC2 have finished all their mixed games for this year with 3 wins and a draw. Hopefully this is enough to get them promoted!

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