Vodka Shot StickForward unto the annuls of history my friends! At a recent social at our local Vodka Rev (where we go every Tuesday after badminton) Michael Burke came up with the rather glorious idea for a new tradition for EUBC! A social tradition which will last far into distant ages we cannot even imagine. It will separate the men from the munchkins, the pros from the casuals, the Sebs from the Charlottes.

The Challenge is simple. On a night out to Rev with the badminton society (you will require witnesses after all) you must purchase or purloin one of Rev’s flavoured 6-shot vodka sticks. You will then proceed to do the shots as fast as possible whilst being timed and (if possible) filmed!

For the current Leaderboard of the Challenge, check out this link to the official page.

But, on to more important matters! You are here for one thing! Checking out those noble souls who have added their names to the eternal lists which declare them as more than just badminton players. More than just men and women. They are Heroes…