Honorary Club Members

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Honorary Club Members

This page is for all honorary club members who have been picked by the committee to represent the club outside of the University of Edinburgh.

Ruud Bosch

Ruud Bosch

We met Ruud at the 2012 Scottish International Tournament in Glasgow when he played the final of the mixed doubles. Even though he lost the final, he found life long supporters from the Edinburgh University Badminton Club. What started with cheering every time he walked past us turned into a twitter romance. While he’s promised to come and hit some shuttles with us next time he’s in Scotland we don’t think he realises quite how bad we are.

For more information about Ruud, see here and visit his twitter here. Also did we mention he’s like 8ft tall?

Joan Montoya Moya


It was a cold Tuesday evening when Joan walked in and enquired about the club. Later that night we went to the pub where we discovered he was not only a Spanish international student but he also wasn’t actually a student. Because we’re all such nice people and Joan was such a charming man we decided he could still play with us (it was nothing to do us sucking up to awesome players we swear).

Sadly, like every nice person we find, Joan had to soon move on to greener pastures.