i r srs catSo our Glorious Leader had me write this post┬áin order to appease the Evil Overlords that is EUSU. What? You didn’t know they were Evil Overlords? Well, I’m pretty sure they are. I mean, maybe not evil… Perhaps that’s a mite strong… I wouldn’t compare them to the Empire for example… What was I saying again?

Oh yes! The point is that I made the very serious post. Srs post. Grrr. Make srs post with srs words and shit. Well, while I have obeyed the instructions from the Overlords I also will now be making liberal use of the following:

Why so serious

With that in mind, here is the Mid-Year report NOW in my own words:

Well, first up did you know there’s, like, 160 of us now? Holy shit… No bloody wonder Tuesdays are busy, amirite? In fact with that number in mind I feel grateful for all the court time I AM getting… I jest of course, because it’s bloody fantastic to see the club getting bigger and better. We’re lean, we’re mean and we’re a shuttling machine!

When it comes to socials there ain’t much to say… I mean, except that you should be doing the Shot-Stick Challenge. It’s the stuff of legends folks, you only get one shot at being a hero and it’s here and now! Well… You get six shots and then you might be a hero, but the point stands!

Also, if you see any of them folks from the Squads you should probably say something like “Woo! Badminton! Yeah!” cause all teams have been kicking ass and taking names this year. See, I bloody wrote that in my introductions for the various Committee members… I knew there would be some name-taking, or at the very least some writing down of phone-numbers because you are too drunk to remember the name. Happens to the best of us.

That’s about it really. All in all, as a club and as a series of teams (and I think some special mention should go to Echo Squad… Why? Oh… No real reason…) we are doing pretty well this year. So well done us. And thanks for playing with us!