Earlier this month, the 3rd to be precise, saw this years EUBC AGM (the Annual General Meeting) and those who attended had the privilege of voting on the Council for the year 2013/14. It was in with the new and out with the old and any number of other clichéd things I could say about the handover of power. For that is what the club has now given us, me and a select few others. Power… Unlimited POWER!

So you might be amongst those who did not attend the AGM and I should warn you that you are going to be sacrificed to the great god Cthulhu (prospective members of the Uni overall are exempt from this). But while we sharpen the sacrificial knife you are allowed to learn who was voted into which position and I will be updating the official Council page on this site a little way down the line (for now let’s assume this is a very unofficial introduction). For now though let’s just have a quick run through of who is in charge next year here at EUBC.

Before that even let’s just remind ourselves of the scrubs who ran the club last year:





Taking over from Fiona last year:

Our new President… Drumroll please… It’s none other than Greg Broadbent! Don’t worry he’s usually much more alert than he looks here. Suffering from a chronic case of badminton on the brain he’s both an excellent choice to be our Head of State and he is the best person to ask any question about Badminton.

Seriously. He’ll be so pleased to answer ANY questions you have about the club. ANYTHING. Even the most mundane day to day thing is just this man’s bread and butter.

We love you Glorious Leader!


Greg’s Little Bitch413965_10201246005375077_981636690_o

Taking over from Chris last year:

While the official title here is TECHNICALLY “Secretary” I think I’m going to be going with Greg’s description of this job for now as an unofficial title. It’s just better that way.

Anyway it is none other than George Hunt!


Being Greg’s Little Bitch should be fun!



Taking over from George last year:

Why, ’tis Alex Santoso! He’s the one who’s going to be crunching those numbers and supplying us all with shuttles next year! So it’s best to stay on his good side. Of course, he’s also the one who’s going to be taking our money to get the shuttles. Surely you’d be a little tempted to siphon off a little for a pint or two?

Nah, he’d never do that…

Not if he knew he couldn’t get away with it…


Social Secretaries902771_10201246010495205_279110072_o

Taking over from Lucy and Joanna last year:

Last year they were known as Charlotte Atkin and Lizzie Parker. But this year that all changes. Now they are known as Social Sec. 1 and Social Sec. 2 (it is at least up to them which get’s to be number 1 and number 2). They are in charge of everything social in our club (as if the name didn’t give it away) and will be sorting out all sorts of awesome opportunities to party and get to know each.466886_10201246006095095_106930300_o

And as Charlotte won the “Most Wild on a Night Out” Award at the recent Badminton Oscars I think it’s safe to say that there might well be a fair amount of chat from the next year. Not to be missed… You’re gonna get blitzed! (Literally came up with that on the spot… Best moment of my life).

So they are pretty much in charge of making sure that the club has an awesome time next year.

No pressure girls.


902856_10201246008255149_1306009771_oMen’s 1st Captain

Taking over from Shen last year:

Stewart Ferns. Picture him arriving him on the top of a hill riding a white horse. At his back 5000 fellow players, all mounted, and behind them a red sun rises. Horns call from the left and right, alerting the city that rescure has finally arrived. He looks down upon the carnage and steels himself. Raising his badminton racquet he yells “DEATH!!” answered by all the players at his back.

That’s exactly how he is going to arrive at every team game this year…


Woman’s 1st Captain478307_10201246009175172_1256659509_o

Taking over from Caroline last year:

The Woman’s Team has been going from strength to strength in the last year and so here’s hoping that Rena Liu will continue the trend. She’s here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… And she’s all out of bubblegum…

With her and Stewart at the helm our enemies should tremble in fear. Come at us bro!




Kit Officer473120_10201246010975217_1301518656_o

Taking over from Laurie last year:

I imagine she’s going to enjoy a bit of a break from the heavy responsibility of being President, it is of course Fiona Pittman. Now Laurie did accept some input on the kit last year, so don’t worry folks I have already informed her that if she doesn’t try and incorporate any Assassin’s Creed elements in the kit then she is wasting both mine and your time.

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not she takes this deadly serious advice on board. Part of me thinks she won’t, but I imagine she’ll see sense eventually. She’s smart like that!


Safety Officer478642_10201246009935191_1935923726_o

Taking over from Perry last year:

Arguably the most important position on the Council and it is in the safe hands of Caroline Collinson. Badminton is an incredibly dangerous sport and so she will have her work cut out for her at all times.

For one thing she will be fending off the velociraptors on hoverboards. As well as the velociraptors Caroline will also have to tend with breaches in the space-time continuum when shuttles are hit too hard and people stepping onto a court when a game is in progress.

Cause that shit is just unacceptable bro…


General Member902565_10201246005215073_290483773_o

Taking over from Glenn last year:

Owen Turner, like Caroline, is going to be busy this year. The position of General Member is almost certainly the most strenuous one…








And now last AND most importantly… Who is the incredibly gifted and handsome chap that is going to take over from Greg and become this year’s Publicity Officer?

Why… It’s me! Seb! EYYYYYY!!

I can promise to be fully corrupted by my power and abuse it at every opportunity possible. Even Greg’s my bitch.

And before you ask… Yes… Yes I lift…

Do you?



That’s all for now folks! I’ll be seeing you around! Welcome to the Reign of Seb! YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!


[Also thanks to Marionette for the awesome photos taken at this years AGM!]

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