glhfWell, hopefully everybody reading this had a good Christmas and a fantastic New Year (and a terrible hangover on New Years day) but now the Holidays are coming to a close and we must return to the grind of humdrum and everyday life. So folks, it is now the good year 2014! We can now look forward to accidentally writing 2013 whenever we write the date for the next few months!

AND we can look forward to the smashing restarting of EUBC! Woo! Badminton will be played. Shuttles will be smashed. Blood will be spilled. Games shall be won. And one of those was not true… (Who actually wins games, I mean?)SmashingSo, for those of you already back in the ‘Burgh and itching to get your badders on, I’m afraid you’re going to have to organise it yourself for the remainder of this week, however we will be returning to our standard form next week with our first session on Tuesday 14th 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. After that we will, like last semester, be having our usual sessions every Tuesday evening (5:00-7:30), Wednesday afternoon (1:00-4:30) and Saturday morning (9:00-12:00).

And, as per usual, we will likely be beginning our Tuesday evening socials at Vodka Rev every Tuesday evening on the 14th as well! So for any returning, or indeed new, members and players of any level feel free to turn up on Tuesday and then come out drinking with us afterwards! Actually, it’s even worth mentioning, that it is the Birthday of our Glorious Leader next week and so we will likely be celebrating that as well, so Tuesday might involve a fair amount of shteam shteam! Huzzah!

There are a couple of other things worth mentioning. First off is that some of the team Captains tend to reshuffle the teams around this time of year, examining those players in the club who have improved. So if anyone is keen to actually be on one of the teams then make sure to speak to someone on the Council or one of the team Captains to be considered!

And, before I sign off here, one last thing. For any new and prospective members of the club. Perhaps you were always busy in the first semester and have less of a work load now or perhaps you’ve decided after the abysmal failure of the exams to give less fucks this semester, who knows? Whatever the case if there are those who would like to join a club now then there is now a good opportunity to consider joining us.

As always, the first session is free and can be considered a taster, after that you now only have to pay £20 to buy a membership for the rest of the year and the gym also offer a half-year/one-semester membership (which is necessary to be a member) for £69 according to their website.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks! Hope to see you all on the courts soon!