The Committee 2016/17

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Here are your devoted committee members who will be helping to run the club for 2016/2017. To get in touch with any of us simply find us on Facebook.

President Stuart Pittman
Now in my fifth and final year at Edinburgh, I am realising my lifelong dream, taking up the helm of the EUBC ship. Having been part of the committee last year and a member of the first team in years gone by, I like to think I know most of our members and any I don’t I will make the effort to. I’ve been playing badminton for as long as I can remember and have developed a passion for the sport, my life would be empty without it and the people that I know through it. I’m a very keen player and love to play competitively however I also like to think I bring the ‘banter into badminton’. My plans for the year are to continue to grow the club and take its performance to new heights. As first team captain last year I introduced weekly circuits to the club which will be continued under Jacob Reynolds this year. I strongly encourage anyone thinking of joining to do so, you won’t regret it. Friendships will be forged, love may blossom and badminton will shine through.
 Secretary  Annie Tucker
AnnieHi, I’m Annie and I’m a third year English Lit student. I love badminton. A lot. I’m very excited to announce I will be your secretary this year. During my time at Edinburgh Uni I have read many books (I LOVE SHAKESPEARE) and played a lot of badminton. A little extra fact about me: I live in Penicuik and I don’t like it. Please feel free to come and chat to me at any time I’m the gal with the big booty. x
 Treasurer  Susannah Tissiman
SusannahHello, my name is Susannah and I will be your treasurer for this year. My careful study of rocks has led to a skill in observing and recording the absurdly boring, thus I am incredibly excited to manage the club’s spreadsheets this year. Don’t be alarmed, I never let my mapping of rock formations stop me hitting up Boteco for a cheeky G&T or Passion Caipirinha with the rest of the badminton club.
 Publicity Officer  Ryan McCuaig
RyanHey I’m Ryan and I’m a second year Elec & Mech Engineering student. This year I hold the position of publicity and sponsorship officer on the club committee. In other words, I’m in charge of helping to get the best deals possible to make our nights out even more amazing and also to share the clubs achievements throughout the year online through pictures and videos. I will be creating highlight compilations of the teams matches so we can all see the teams in action no matter where, how busy, or how hungover you are. I am a keen badminton player so you will see me regularly at club sessions and competitions playing for and supporting the teams. I am an avid fan of the pub after club session so will happily have a pint (or two) with you when I see you there!
 Social Secretary  Conor Hutchinson
ConorHello, my name is Conor and I am a third year mathematician studying at this wonderful institution, the University of Edinburgh. During my time studying here in Edinburgh, I have been fortunate enough to sample a vast array of the nightlife and social scenes which are on offer. This, alongside the odd game of Badminton, has allowed me to blossom into one of the two friendly, approachable and simply wonderful EUBC social secretaries for the upcoming 2016/17 season. Although Badminton is basically the backbone of my life, I like to believe that no event would be complete without a healthy serving of the Hutchinson banter. My aim this year will be to spread the love and bring EUBC some spectacular evenings. Just remember – the party don’t start ‘til I walk in.
 Social Secretary  Benji Kirkpatrick
BenjiHello my name is Benji and I’m one of your social secretaries for 2016/17. I’m a third year Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Student from Orkney. I’m a loyal supporter of Big Cheese and also a lover of Bucky. The Badminton club is a major part of my university life, the social side of the club is diverse and spectacular and I’m going build on the success of the previous two social secretaries. This year myself and the other social sec, Conor, will bring you guys great events throughout the year and will always try to sneak some Bucky into them. If anyone has any ideas of events we can do throughout the year that we haven’t done, just drop me a message or pull me over at any social/club session. I am always open for questions or just a general chat over a pint (or cocktail).
Kit Officer  Megan Munro
My name is Megan and I am super excited to be your kit officer this year. As a second year PE student, I am literally a walking advertisement for the University of Edinburgh kit. I cannot wait to further my experience in wearing every available item of clothing emblazoned with the university emblem. If you too simply cannot wait to support your club, then get in touch because I’m the gal to help
Safety/Alumni Officer  Tata Santaputra
TataMy name is Tata and I have just graduated in Geography and Sociology from the University of Edinburgh. I found that I loved EUBC so much that I had to apply for a masters to ensure another year with my badminton comrades. I will be your Alumni Officer this year, and fear not, because I am well equipped for the job. I was voted B.N.I.B (Big Name In Badminton) and therefore am a friendly face to one and all, be that the current members or some fond flashes from the past. I look forward to introducing you to some of the EUBC legends.
Club Captain  Tommy Reynolds
TamHey folks! My name is Tommy, I’m a 5th year Mechanical Engineering Student and I’m buzzing to be your Club Captain this year. Despite being the club’s resident lanky man with the flattest arse around, I can actually kind of hit a shuttle so I’ll always be down for a game at club sessions. I can’t urge everyone enough to join the club, more than anything just because I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on my sick chat – everyone knows it. When I’m not being my usual banterful self I’ll be there to help you out with any issues you have and recommend any tournaments you might like to play. Among the hundreds of reasons to join EUBC, I am definitely one of them!