What a great way to end the semester with a cracking three course Christmas dinner at good old Vodka Revolution! We had 60 people attending, which made for a great night with plenty of badminton banter! Our night started off down at Princes Street to see the Christmas lights being switched on. It was a magical moment to witness, with dancing little elves and cheers all around, topped off with beautiful fireworks.


Come dinner time… I think it’s safe to say that we were all well and truly stuffed afterwards. Yum yum! But that didn’t stop us! Drinking games followed with a round of pass the parcel. A few lucky people got some nice treats (a Justin Bieber mask, sweets, condoms…) and the not so lucky people had to forfeit with a chilli shot! It was so much fun getting merry with everyone! As usual, all our nights end up at the Hive. Need I say more? That is all.

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