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Team Trials and Freshers Social Session

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  It is that time of year again where all the new freshers come to Edinburgh and the badminton club wants as many people to join as possible. Below is the place and time in which the team trials and social session will take place for all you keen badminton players out there. Sunday 14th […]

2013/2014 Semester 2 – Cancellations

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There are some cancelled sessions this year. It is an unfortunate thing. Many due to Academic events which we cannot prevent. Some alternative sessions may be provided as the year progresses. To be kept in the know about these, keep an eye on the Facebook Group and Twitter feed and your e-mail. Wednesday 22nd, January […]

EUBC Restarting Soon – GL HF

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Well, hopefully everybody reading this had a good Christmas and a fantastic New Year (and a terrible hangover on New Years day) but now the Holidays are coming to a close and we must return to the grind of humdrum and everyday life. So folks, it is now the good year 2014! We can now […]

Stirling Tournament 2013 – Way back when I was a young lad

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The Badminton Scotland University and College Tournament is a big event in the life of every badminton player across the globe, full of serious names and faces. It is always seen to contain the highlights of the badminton scene, cherry picking the best-of-the-best and throwing them against each other in a cataclysmic duel for supremacy. […]

(Not-Quite)-Sunday BUCS Match Reports – ALL THE GAMES!

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Welcome folks to the Sunday Match Report. As the year progresses there will be more and more badminton games from our various teams EUBC 1 through 6, usually with more than one match a week. With this in mind I will be collating all results from each week in a report on Sundays. What do […]

EUBC – The story so far… Srs post was srs

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So our Glorious Leader had me write this post in order to appease the Evil Overlords that is EUSU. What? You didn’t know they were Evil Overlords? Well, I’m pretty sure they are. I mean, maybe not evil… Perhaps that’s a mite strong… I wouldn’t compare them to the Empire for example… What was I saying […]