On the 13th of February EUBC1 men’s and women’s teams played against Glasgow and Leeds in the quarter-finals of the Trophy Cup.

With Glasgow having one of the strongest men’s team in Scotland, it was definitely going to be a tough fight. Bill, Tommy, Wei, Stuart, Wilgene and Stewert. Bill and Tommy took both of their games in the doubles while Stuart and Wei managed to win one of theirs. In the singles Wilgene and Stewert were overpowered by their Glaswegian counter parts to leave the score 5-3 to Glasgow.

The women’s team also had a hard match waiting for them. Caroline and Aisha won one of their games as their final game when to three sets before losing. Fiona and Bennath did brilliantly to win both their doubles games. Rena and Anushka unfortunately couldn’t beat Leeds top singles players giving us another disappointing 5-3 loss.

Well done to everyone who played!

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