Osuna Cup

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The Osuna Cup is the most prestigious event and the greatest honour that can be attained in the badminton club here at the University of Edinburgh.  It is a battle of the Titans; between the two greatest badminton clubs in Great Britain (probably) – Edinburgh and Newcastle University. It takes place annually, with each city taking its turn to host the event.

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It takes place every November and involves an epic battle on court during the afternoon where both clubs fight for the title of the Osuna Cup. Then in the evening all rivalry issues are resolved on an epic (and very messy) social and night out with both clubs.

History of the Osuna Cup

2012 marked the first annual Osuna Cup between Edinburgh and Newcastle University Badminton Clubs. The Osuna Cup is named after the Edinburgh University Badminton Club legend that is Rocio Osuna (also goes by the name Satan to some.)

Rocio was born and raised in San Diego, California. It was here when she picked up her first racquet and took up the best sport in the world. No, not racquetball  – badminton.  She started playing badminton in 2002 in high school and decided to try out for her school team. She was astounded when she got into the team; having not played badminton ever before. If you don’t know Rocio you may be thinking ‘wow, that Rocio must be a natural talent!’ Let me assure you that this was not the case.  The standards were low and the only criteria being the ability to serve. In fact, Rocio could barely achieve this and ended up cheating her way onto the school team. Needless to say, she worked hard and with lots of practise, dedication and pure determination, she became the badminton player that she is today. And by that we mean slow and slug like.

She studied English Literature and History(BA) at Edinburgh University from 2008-2009. She then left Edinburgh to study an MA in Modern and Contemporary Studies in Newcastle from 2011-2012. Whilst at both universities she joined their badminton clubs and successfully played for the University teams;  her biggest achievement  was representing Newcastle at BUCS (again there were very few requirements to join the team).

With much delight (and resentment from some) she returned to Edinburgh in 2012 and played at Edinburgh University again as an alumni. It was here when the idea of combining her two favourite badminton clubs took place, which lead to the birth of the Osuna Cup and named after Rocio in her honour.